What you can do to help right now

The 4J board needs to hear our voices. They are considering earmarking $10M for nutrition services. Let them know what you think!

the problem

The problem

We've got a generation of children that is overweight, vulnerable to diet-related disease, and more likely to suffer from a variety of health problems that will hold them back throughout their lifetimes.

The solution

By investing in 4J Nutrition Services and committing to long-term plan for real change, we can help ensure that every child in the district, regardless of income, has access to healthy school meals that support our local economy and help protect our planet.

the solution

Making progress

Since this group formed in 2010, we've made some progress with Sodexo (4J's contracted food service management corporation). We are proud of this progress, but believe that a self-operated program is the best way to truly transform how we feed our students, and ensure long-term food security for our local community.

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Ongoing ways to help

lunch date

Make a school lunch date

What's on the menu at your child's school?


Explore Nutrislice

Look at what's actually in the school's food at 4j.nutrislice.com.


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